New: coconut beads for a tropical look ☼

    By looking at our new coconut beads you immediately have to think about sun, sand and palmtrees… It makes your heart beat faster! The new collection coconut beads disc are totally summerproof! The marvelous coconut beads are available in different summer colours and have a unique natural shape. Coconut beads can easily be used in jewellery for a beach look, festival, island or boho look. The beads are super versatile and because of the natural material you will create a unique piece of jewellery every time. The beads are fun to mix with DQ leather ans natural stone beads, that way you will emphasize the natural and summer look of the coconut. For a pair of trendy earrings the coconut beads are also perfect. Mix them with our DQ metal creole earrings. Attach a tassel and your piece of jewellery is complete. Coconut beads are perfect for a natural and summer trend look... ❀ Aloha!