DIY tutorial - DIY macramé flower technique

With the macramé flower technique, you create the most cheerful jewellery with a summery look. To make the bracelet, you need macramé bead cords in three different colours and Miyuki beads. In this video, we have used three different lengths of macramé bead cord. Among which once 70cm white, twice 100cm yellow and 150cm mint green. Start by cutting the wires to size. Then stick them to the table in the order mint green, yellow, white, yellow and mint green. Continue with the square knot technique. The next step is to knot the flowers, as shown in the video. Thread three Miyuki beads onto the middle (white) macramé bead cord to complete the flowers. The square knot technique can be used multiple times in between the flowers. After knotting all the flowers, you close the bracelet, again with the square knot technique. This way, you make a stylish macramé bead cord bracelet with flowers!