DIY tutorial - Design a trendy anklet with macramé bead cord

In this video, we will show you how to make a trendy anklet with macramé bead cords. Cut the macramé bead cord to three equal lengths. Then make a knot about 15 cm from the beginning of the cord. To make the braiding easy, you can attach the macramé bead cord to the table. Start with braiding the macramé bead cords. Thread a DQ European metal bead onto the outer cord after ten braids. Continue this technique until the anklet is long enough and make another knot. Close the anklet by using the macramé square knot technique. Thread a little bead on the end of each thread and tie a knot again. Finally, attach a DQ European metal charm to the anklet with a jump ring. Good luck with creating summer macramé bead cord anklets!