Create meaningful jewellery with C.U.S® jewellery message beads

The prettiest meaningful jewellery is created with C.U.S® jewellery message beads. This exclusive collection is partly designed by our graphic department. The hexagon shaped beads are extremely versatile and they are available in DQ metal and stainless steel. The DQ metal beads contain a 5.1 mm stringing hole and the stainless steel beads contain a 2.1 mm stringing hole. It makes them ideal to use with different kinds of stringing material. For a nice finishing touch, you can use the matching end caps. The message written on the bead, is based on prayer boxes. They contained a message, wish or prayer and used to be worn on a necklace. The DQ metal C.U.S® message beads are partly handmade in Greece, which makes them unique. The beads are packed with a matching C.U.S® jewellery card. With these cards and special designed C.U.S® jewellery cushions, you are able to present the unique collection in a stylish way in your shop. There are also matching jewellery boxes available, in which you can gift your items beautifully. This gives your meaningful jewellery collection the finishing touch!

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